North West Passage in Luxury - 23 Days Aboard Le Soleal

North West Passage in Luxury - 23 Days Aboard Le Soleal

27 Aug 11:00 - 12:00 - Kangerlussuaq


Relive history and set sail for a 23 day 5-star expedition in the footsteps of some of the greatest explorers, from the mythical North West Passage to the legendary Bering Strait. In the company of our experienced guides and naturalists, discover regions that are located well inside the Arctic Circle. The superstitious will be able to avoid Friday 13th as we travel over the international date line! From Kangerlussuaq to Anadyr, you will appreciate magnificent regions with many contrasts: You will marvel at the majestic icebergs and colourful villages of Greenland. The Nunavut will reveal itself, with its immense cliffs, bird colonies and remains of villages. The North West Territories will welcome you to the shorn tundra and its arctic wolves, musk oxen, caribou moose and brown bears. The days at sea will allow you to contemplate this incredible journey and observe the marine and coastal landscapes: Right and bowhead whales, possibly polar bears in the Franklin and Larsen Straits, the Diomede Islands in the Bering Strait, navigation in the Arctic Ocean, birdlife and more. This will also be the occasion to take part in conferences and on board activities, to relax in the wellbeing area or on the sun deck, or to stargaze in the night time sky and look for aurora borealis.

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